Connecting Potential With Experience. Everywhere.

We make it easy for people to share things they know with people they don’t. TABLMAKR, is the solution for organizations that are craving an easy-to-use and affordable solution for creating, managing, and sustaining mentor programs. Designed as a lean, single purpose software, it’s extreme usability meets the needs of mentor program coordinators, ranging from the smallest non-profits to large academic institutions. The Freemium pricing strategy and built-in network effects will allow TABLMAKR to mimic the exponential growth of companies like Zoom and Slack as we fulfill our mission statement which is: Connect Potential and Experience. Everywhere.


In an effort to expand the impact of his dissertation research, Ryan Wold founded Tablmakr in May 2021. For years Ryan had been exploring the way the business model of communication technologies influences the way people use the technologies. After frustration with how many social networking tools lead people to feel more angry, lonely, and depressed he knew there had to be a better way. 

Tablmakr was born out of Ryan Wold’s dissertation research which aims to align the business model of communication technologies with humanity’s best interest. Ryan focused his project on mentor programs because he has benefitted from mentorship throughout his own life by participating in mentor programs as mentee, mentor and program coordinator and he wanted more people to have access to the life changing opportunities that mentorship offers.

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